Which Time is Best to Use Fog Lights For Bikes ?

Drivers are being crack by Police on  wrongly using fog lights. what you need to know

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Use of high intensity secondary lights known as fog lights. It is coming under scrutiny from police forces across the country.

In every many foreign countries it is an offence to drive with your Fog Lights For Bikes switched on unnecessarily.


So, just what are fog lights? And when should you use them?

What is fog light?

fog light1

Fog lights differ from bike’s main headlight beam and rear tail-lights in that they’re normally set lower in the front or rear aprons or bumpers and angled in such a way, as to cut beneath, or be visible, in dense fog.

Many vehicles have fog light for bullet both at the front and rear which are operated independently of the headlights for use in fog, inclement weather, or other times of extremely reduced visibility.6 led fog lights is also a type of fog lights.


How to know if my fog lights are switched on?

fog light2

The headlight switch will depict a symbol showing the headlight beam intersected with an S-shaped squiggle. Your car’s regular headlight beam will appear as a symbol without the squiggle.

In many vehicles like harley davidson led fog lights, the use of fog lights is also indicated by a corresponding illuminated symbol on the dashboard. Usually, green represents forward-facing fog lights and orange is used for rearward-facing fog lights.

If you are still not sure, it’s a good idea to safely park your vehicle and take a walk around. Switch the lights through the dial’s various positions to see which lights illuminate, and which do not.

Consult your Owner’s Manual or contact your vehicle’s manufacturer.You can buy Royal Enfield Spare Parts and many Bike Accessories Online for your safety purpose.


When should we use fog lights?

fog light3

Fog lights are designed to be used in fog. Letter of the law says that, the sun simply setting over the western horizon is not a valid reason to switch them on.

However, it’s also recommended – and allowed by law – for fog lights to be illuminated in other situations, day or night, where visibility is impacted by adverse climatic conditions.You can purchase Motorcycle Accessories Online at affordable price.

These can include heavy rain storms, low cloud, smoke, dust, or snowfall.

If you’re unsure about using fog lights it is best to leave them switched off, it can be used any time day or night.

For further clarification, see the chart below, or contact your State or Territory Government road authority website for more detailed information.


Why we  can’t drive with them on?

Just as you wouldn’t drive with your high-beam headlights on, you shouldn’t drive with your fog lights on unnecessarily.

For starters it’s a nuisance. Fog lights can distract other drivers in approaching and/or following vehicles.

Unknowing drivers may mistake the high-intensity red lights for our brake lights.



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